Why Did My KDP Total Sales Go Down From Yesterday?

Yesterday you sold a total of 25 books and today the total is 10!

Yes, many of us have asked this question – is KDP taking advantage of me?

Your total sales are accurate; it’s KDP’s accounting system. They use a rolling 30 days.

You can see on your sales dashboard that the DEFAULT sales period is a ROLLING 30 days.

OK, what does that mean?

KDP will only list your sales for the past 30 days.

For Example, if you sold 10 copies on October 1st. You would see those copied sold in the report on October 30th. But, on October 31st, you wouldn’t see those copies listed. THOSE TEN COPIES SOLD WILL DISAPPEAR. 

But they will appear in the previous 30 day report.

With those sales gone, your royalties will show a decrease compared to the day before, unless you happen to sell another ten copies the next day.


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