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What’s a Street Copy?

Before we talk about a Street Copy, let’s talk about a Street Team.

A Street Team is a group of people who are gung-ho on your book’s promotion. Upon the day of launch, they are ready to post about it and help push its sales through key strategic methods. 

Each team is a group of people that you have set up beforehand to help you with your book and or its marketing. The purpose of a street team is to get the author’s book promoted before, during, and after the book launch.

A Street Copy is a copy of your book before publication that is given to your Street Teams.

An ARC, or Advanced Reader Copy, is given to an individual before publication to get an early review. In other cases, it is sent to beta readers for comments. 

The difference between a Street Copy and an ARC is that a Street Copy is given to multiple people in a group (Street Team) and an ARC is given to individuals.

Do you have a Street Team?

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