FAPA President's Book Award

We Made the Finals!


Two of our authors are finalists for a FAPA President’s Award!

James Bucko and Marsha Shearer will receive either a bronze, silver, or gold medal at FAPACon 2023 in Orlando on August 5th.
This is the first time for James Bucko and the second for Marsha Shearer. Last year, she won a gold medal for America in Crisis.

Our Ancient Brain by James BuckoOur Ancient Brain: Why We Think the Way We Do by James S Bucko explains belief, superstition, and conspiracy… Where did they come from? 

How did our species evolve from stone axe chippers living in dank caves to the architects of artificial intelligence living in air-conditioned high-rise penthouses?

As author Jim Bucko explains, our tool-making capability seems to have preceded and then paralleled other developments in human language, art, ritual behavior, and reasoning which have led us to today, and set us up for great leaps ahead tomorrow.

Written in terms everyone can understand, this is a wonderous journey of discovery about the evolution of our brain and why we have developed mental abilities including religious beliefs, conspiracy theories, and superstitions.

This book would be of great interest to anyone who ponders the age-old questions of where we come from and where we are going. In less than 200 pages, Bucko manages to pull from many different academic fields–including archaeology and neuroscience–to help explain and ground where our beliefs originate. He writes in language that is accessible and digestible; there are many sub-headings in each section, which helps guide the reader easily through these questions with no prior knowledge needed to understand his conclusions.

Life After Trump
Life After Trump: Seeking a More Perfect Union
by Marsha Shearer is a no-excuses prescription for solving long-term problems, too long ignored, that threaten our democracy.

Trump has given the next despot-in-training a roadmap, complete with detailed instructions. At least a third of the population is waiting for the next iteration … and the next one could be smart!

This book addresses the norms that for too long were taken for granted—until Trump broke every one. It also identifies longstanding problems in the Executive and Legislative branches. Read this book to learn how you can help fix the system.

“Like a physician examining a critically ill patient, Marsha Shearer astutely diagnoses the symptoms of malaise that have grown in America’s system of government, and clearly identifies the underlying dysfunctions that now threaten the health and very life of American democracy. Her prescribed course of treatment to heal the branches of the federal government is comprehensive and unambiguous. Our leaders need to take this medicine before it is too late.”

—Dr. Mark D. Welton, S.J.D., Professor Emeritus. Department of Law, United States Military Academy

6 thoughts on “We Made the Finals!”

  1. Congrats to Jim and Marsha. I can say I knew them both before . . . . they hit the big time. Seriously, you two, enjoy this. So glad you enjoyed writing these two important books.

    1. Thanks Steve for all your support and friendship. Your guidance has been critical on this journey.
      I assume you are back up north by now. Have a safe and healthy summer.

  2. Marsha+Shearer

    Jim, congratulations! Your presentation at Civil Discourse on this topic was fascinating. I’m ordering your award winner today!

    And to Nancy, John, and the all the staff at Hallard Press, a massive THANKS for your professionalism and encouragement. You’ve been an invaluable partner throughout the process!

  3. Linda Lee Keenan

    Big congratulations to both Marsha and Jim for creating books on relevant topics, and for being in the winner’s circle. Your book descriptions are persuasive and compelling.

  4. Congrats to Marsha on her second Medal and many many Thanks to Hallard for their encouragement and shepherding me thru the publication process. It’s been an exciting journey and everyones support, especially the WLOV, is greatly appreciated.

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