Three New Thrillers from Hallard Press

It’s the month of the fiction thriller novel for those long cooped-up June Covid-19 days, and Hallard Press brings you three new, exhilarating adventures. Plunder from Keith Wilson sees Dr. Ben Carson, a CDC doctor fighting a viral epidemic (that sounds familiar!) while he and his new love, Kari Wheeler, are being chased by rebel soldiers in Guatemala and rogue monks in New Mexico. The Ambassador is Missing and Mel Harrison has Alex Boyd back in action. This time Alex is in Rome and expects an easy assignment. But he is caught in the crossfire of a bank robbery on his first day. Then the US Ambassador is kidnapped by terrorists. And things get worse from there! False Flag by Jay Barrett has PI Tony April and his beautiful, rich employer/girlfriend looking for a diary in the Ecuadorian jungle to solve a century-old mystery about the sinking of the USS Maine in Havana in 1898. The NSA wants to destroy the diary; Admiral Rickover wants to publicize it. Tony just wants a son. All three are available on Amazon as print or e-books. Click on the book cover to buy and enjoy today.

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