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The New Old

By Frank Lancione

The old old 
Live in their past
Their best years are behind them
Today’s too complex, too fast
The old old day-dream 
Instead of pursue
Hope something, someday 
Will make their wishes come true
The old old proceed 
Cautiously, with reserve
They live off past glories
Stretch things out, preserve
The old old see the future
As a place of fears
Full of diminishment, decline 
Degradation, tears   
The old old live life 
Dimly lit, damp, cold
Musty, rusty,  
Timid, not bold  
The new old know wrinkles 
Are just mile markers of time
It’s their spirit that decides 
What decade is their prime
The new old make their life 
An unending quest  
To transcend their limits
Surpass their past best  
The new old’s future 
Is a place of new heights
Climbs up new mountains
Wins in new fights
Age tracks not defines
Who the new old are
They choose their goals
Age doesn’t set their bar  
So, which is your path?
Which old are you? 
Is your life up ahead? 
Or behind, nearly through?   
Instead of life old old
Backward looking, bland 
Let your spirit define your future 
Not the hour glass’ sand
Frank Lancione
Frank A. Lancione and his wife Diane live in the Village of Monarch Grove along with their cat, Compagno. They will celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary in Spring of 2022. After a successful career in business, Frank and Diane retired to The Villages in 2014. With diverse interests that range from weightlifting to writing poetry and public speaking, Frank is thoroughly enjoying being retired. He  is President of the Civil Discourse South and Wine and Words Villages clubs.  You can learn more about his clubs and his poetry on his Goodlife website:  https://frankalancione.com/love-poems 

9 thoughts on “The New Old”

    1. Thanks Julie. I think anyone visiting The Villages for even a short time feels the difference in Villagers’ attitudes toward our senior years vs our parents’ generation and the options we have vs those available to them. It’s exciting to have your life still ahead of you even at this time in our lives.

  1. Frank,
    Just guessing that you are in your 70s and were blessed with some good genes . May you continue to be healthy and have the attitude you have written about.
    A medical dictionary defines OLD-OLD from age 75 onward. Medical issues start happening (if not already).
    Have to say I’ve done lots of activities and have taken many cruises since retiring here in my 60s including many years of volunteering. Now I have definitely slowed down now in my 80s because of many health issues but that’s life,
    I’m still on the green-side of the grass.!
    May everyone who reads your poem take heart from it and may they do what they want to do when they can do it.!
    All in all it’s a VERY GOOD poem. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Barbara L. Cairns

    Thank you for your great poem, Frank. It describes perfectly how this 85- year-old “NEW OLD” gal feels about life, even after losing the Love of My Life in 2020. May I have permission to put your poem on my Facebook page? With credit provided, of course.

    Barbara Cairns
    Author of 11 books

  3. Manijeh Badiozamani

    Frank’s poems are uplifting and inspirational. My husband and I look forward to owning a copy of the collection of Frank’s poems.

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