First Day of School

The First Day of School

By Marcus Polk

To My Wife, Geri Polk:

She stood in the doorway of her room waiting for her flock of new students to arrive on their first day of school  This was not new to her. No, she had done this over thirty times before.  Her room was neat and clean and cleverly decorated with elementary school paraphernalia 3rd graders like and the school board required.  Everything was as it had been each of the many years before, including the butterflies in her stomach.

 Yes, after three decades she found herself as excited as her students on the first day of school  She had learned long ago not to judge her students by first impressions.  It made no difference how they dressed, their accent, complexion or how they smelled.  She would find something in their personality she would love.  

It would not always be easy.  She knew every child was a separate entity and had their unique ways of living and learning.  Yet, being a consummate teacher, she would reach down inside each of them and change them in a meaningful way.  This change would make an indelible mark on their intellect, their character, and their future.  

It would be a change, which does not end with the individual child.  No, this change would carry through generations.  A change that would empower.  A change that would spread a special love that she placed into their very hearts.  

She knew she had be touched by God with this gift.  This gift comes with a huge responsibility and the moral obligation to place it into the very souls of her students.  She not only touches the future, she shapes it.  She is a divine messenger from heaven.  She is a teacher.

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Marcus Polk, author of two books, was born in Montgomery, AL and spent his life as a Southern boy living in Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

He and his wife, Geri, now live in Florida and write books for pre-teens. The Karny Wilson Adventure Series includes two books, Flight for Freedom and Making the Minors, along with a Teacher Guide for Flight For Freedom.


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