The ASIN and How It Can Help You Sell Your Book

By Nancy Hellekson


Amazon assigns a ten letter and/or numbers to every product it sells.  They call it the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number).
For books the ASIN is now your 10 digit ISBN because, yes, that’s a unique number, too. This number allows Amazon to keep track of your book.

Where can you find this special number?

It is always listed in the Product Details or Product Information of the Amazon Sales page (Remember it’s the 10 digit number, not the 13 digit):




Product Information

Amazon Product Information



The ASIN is  also found in the url right after the dp/ ( For those with curious minds, DP stands for Detail Product):



Quick Trick: How to shorten your books’ url

Take you complete url and delete the book information, the /dp/ and delete the “a” and “o” from amazon.

https://www.amazon.com/ Life-Form-Novel-Medical-Suspense/dp/1951188179/

Your shortened URL should look like this:

https://www/amzn.com/ 1951188179

Some of you may note that there is a space before the number. Yours should not a have a space. If I deleted the space you would see the book cover and not the url. – The joys of WordPress!



Alright, I know my book’s ASIN, but what good is it?


Get your free Amazon ASIN lookup tool and find out!


With this lookup tool you can get information on your book and your competitors’ books:

  1. Daily sales and revenue estimates
  2. A list of high search volume keywords utilized
  3. Amazon suggested keywords and trending keywords
  4. Keyword ranking and trends
  5. PPC costs and campaign phrases used
  6. List of competing products 

Of most interest to authors are the keywords. You can find the profitable keywords that your competitors use and bring more visibility to your book.

Next week, we’ll talk about the keyword research. Until then, get your Free Amazon ASIN lookup tool.

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