Words that changed their meanaing

Words That Don’t Mean What They Originally Did

Words and their definitions change all the time.

Sometimes we try using a word in a different way, or in a new context, and it ends up sticking.

Ask any linguist, and they’ll tell you that the definition of a word is only accurate if that’s the way people are using it.

Words No longer in dictionary

9 Words No Longer in the Dictionary

The English language is comprised of thousands and thousands of words (more than 170,000 in the Oxford English Dictionary). But as language evolves and new vocabulary (including slang) is coined, older words that have fallen out of favor are continually retired and removed from dictionaries.


Five Types of Words That Need a Hyphen

A hyphen is an essential punctuation mark used to join words and show they have a combined meaning. Hyphens are the glue that hold words together, and like glue, they can get a little messy. It can be tricky to know when to use a hyphen and when to just leave a space.

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