skeleton coast

predator head skeleton with sharp teeth

That Roar Wasn’t a Lion, It Was My…

The Skeleton Coast of Namibia (Southern Africa) is one of the most uninhabited and desolate places on the planet. It is also the most unique and challenging of all African Safari destinations. The oldest desert on the planet, see the two prior articles for more insight and adventure.

Not a Typical Safari Morning

Part Two of Safari Mike’s story of the Skeleton Coast.

This is CRAZY! It’s 5:00 am and I’m actually going through with it… the Skeleton Coast, Namibia. “The Land God Made in Anger”….

What was I thinking last night when I actually told Festus and Chris that I would try to find the herd of Oryx that “might” appear in the  early morning.

The Incredible Skeleton Coast

After two hours our single engine Cessna Caravan turbo-prop begins to descend. The landscape hasn’t changed much for several hundred miles except now there are more desolate looking peaks and valleys. Bleak and no signs of life…of any kind. What could I expect? We were flying over the most restricted portion of the oldest desert on the planet.

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