Indie Authors

Publishing Your Book

First, you’ve imagined and created your work. Then came the editing and proofreading. Next you designed your book so that it would be attractive and readable. Your cover looks great! People are going to want buy your book!  But… who is going to publish it?

Update on Barnes & Noble “Local” Policy

When Barnes & Noble CEO James Daunt announced the “local store policy” last year it started a bit of a stampede by Indie/self-published authors attempting to get their latest work stacked on a table at the front of the stores. It can be done, but there are some hoops to jump through

The Barnes & Noble “Local Author Policy”

If your name is James Patterson (best-selling author), it’s easy to get your book piled up on the feature table at the front of any Barnes & Noble store in the country. But if you are Shirley Smith (unknown Indie self-published author), it’s not as simple.

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