African Crocodile

Buckle Up For a Real Adventure

Every bit of this is 100% true. I’ve been very fortunate to have had some wonderful experiences on safari. Every member of my groups has returned home in one piece and somehow, strangely enough, so have I. That’s not always the situation with some of the incredible people I’ve met and befriended who live out in the bush 24/7.


Kangal…? What’s a Kangal?

The Kangal happens to be the national dog of Turkey and is unquestionably the best dog on the planet for a purpose that is very close to my heart.

Unless you lived in Turkey and owned livestock chances are pretty good you’ve never heard of this breed.

The Incredible Skeleton Coast

After two hours our single engine Cessna Caravan turbo-prop begins to descend. The landscape hasn’t changed much for several hundred miles except now there are more desolate looking peaks and valleys. Bleak and no signs of life…of any kind. What could I expect? We were flying over the most restricted portion of the oldest desert on the planet.

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