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Solved an Indie Writer’s Problem? Share the Solution


We had a fun presentation with the members of the South Florida Writers Association on Saturday morning. Among the items we discussed was “What can indie authors do to help other authors?”

One the possibilities was “communicating” with authors to show the that we all have similar issues like what I call “solitary-ness,” writers block, and frustration at the way the publishing system works (or doesn’t work). Some authors have problems trying to understand distribution, marketing, uploads, meta data. And a host of other questions.

These issues are not unique—most indie authors suffer from some, or all, them at one time or another. A few authors have figured it out.


We’re calling on you!. You’re the experts. You have an answer. Now share it with others.

And Hallard Press Gazette is offering a forum, blank space, distribution for your comments, answers, and solutions to any of the problems that plague writers.

Here’s the process:

  1. Identify the problem.
  2. How did the problem affect you as an author?
  3. How does the problem affect indie authors as a group?
  4. What is your solution to the problem?
  5. How did you develop this solution?
  6. How does has this solution changed your life as a writer?

No more than 750 words.

Also send us your digital photo, JPG cover of your latest book (if you have one), and a link to buy it. We’ll contact you in advance before running your article. Of course, we retain the right to reject or edit your submission.

Send your solution to: Info@HallardPress.com. Type “solution” in the subject line.

Help other indie authors. Share your information and knowledge. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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