Royal Palm Literary Awards

Royal Palm Literary Awards

By Vickie Harding-Wakeen

Authors, Unleash Your Literary Talents
Apply for the Royal Palm Literary Awards


Are you an enthusiastic writer in Florida, eager to showcase your literary prowess and gain recognition for your exceptional work? Look no further than the Royal Palm Literary Awards (RPLA), a prestigious writing competition hosted annually by the Florida Writers Association (FWA). With over twenty genre categories for adults and five for youth, the RPLA provides a platform for writers of diverse genres and ages to shine. We at Hallard Press believe there are numerous reasons why Florida authors should consider applying for this esteemed award.


Celebrating Excellence in Writing

The RPLA is not just any writing competition; it is a celebration of excellence in writing. By participating in the RPLA, Florida authors can gain recognition for their outstanding work and dedication to the craft. Winning an RPLA is a testament to a writer’s skill, creativity, and commitment to producing remarkable literature.


Wide Range of Categories

One of the standout features of the RPLA is its extensive range of genre categories. With over twenty genres for adults and five for youth, the competition caters to writers of various interests and styles. Whether you are into fiction or nonfiction, short works, or book-length manuscripts, or even poetry, there is a category for every literary taste. This inclusivity ensures that writers from all backgrounds and preferences can find a suitable platform to showcase their talents.


Open for All Writers

The RPLA is an inclusive competition that welcomes both published and unpublished works. Whether you are an established author or a newcomer to the literary scene, this competition is a golden opportunity to have your work evaluated by seasoned judges and receive constructive feedback. Fiction and nonfiction writers and poets are encouraged to submit their best pieces for consideration. They also have a youth membership program for middle and high school writers!


Submission Details

The submission window for the RPLA opens on February 1. It closes on April 30 (or until they reach capacity), allowing writers ample time to prepare and submit their entries. Each participant is limited to four entries, ensuring a fair and diverse pool of submissions. While there is a nominal fee based on the genre category and date of entry, the benefits of participating in this esteemed competition far outweigh the costs.


Exclusive to FWA Members

The RPLA is an exclusive contest available only to FWA membersIf you still need to become a member, fear not! You can quickly join the FWA to unlock the opportunity to submit your work for consideration in this prestigious competition. And did you know – you do NOT have to be a Florida resident to join? Check out the many benefits of being an FWA member on their website.


Valuable Feedback for All Entrants

One of the unique aspects of the RPLA is that every entrant receives the judges’ feedback. This constructive criticism gives writers valuable insights into their strengths and areas for improvement, fostering growth and development in their writing journey. The RPLA isn’t just about winning; it’s about learning and evolving as a writer.


Royal Palm Literary Awards Banquet

Imagine the thrill of being celebrated among your peers at the Royal Palm Literary Awards Banquet, held annually at the FWA’s conference in October. Winners not only receive accolades but also have the chance to connect with fellow writers, industry professionals, and literary enthusiasts. This banquet is a culmination of the hard work and creativity writers invest in their craft.



The Royal Palm Literary Awards is not just a competition; it’s a celebration of the diverse literary talents thriving in the Sunshine State. If you’re an author, now is the time to unleash your creativity, share your stories, and join the ranks of esteemed RPLA winners.

Don’t miss the chance to be recognized for your exceptional writing – submit your work, receive valuable feedback, and take a step closer to becoming a celebrated author in the vibrant literary community of Florida. The RPLA awaits your masterpiece!


Vickie Harding-Wakeen
Vickie Harding-Wakeen

A lifelong Massachusetts resident, Vickie Harding-Wakeen relocated to sunny central Florida in January 2020, and founded MyVirtualGal™, a virtual assistant services company, a year later.

Specializing in supporting solopreneurs and small business owners with the backend, administrative areas of their business, Vickie now also serves as the Marketing & Advertising arm for Hallard Press!

You can learn more about her at www.myvirtualgal.com.

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