Forever Weight Loss

Forever Weight Loss

A very reasonable, hands-on plan, that gets results.”

Dr. Joseph DiRenzo Jr, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Forever Weight Loss

Lose Excess Weight and Keep It Off Forever

The Forever Weight-Loss Plan will help you lose excess weight and keep it off forever. You will never have to be on another weight-loss plan again.

This 10-Step plan is both simple and flexible, based on self-reflection and building a new relationship with real food again. Easy to follow, where you don’t have to count calories, cook too much, or shake your booty too hard.

It’s all about finding quality foods that you look forward to eating and feeling satisfied at the same time.

Robert has created a step-by-step plan that I can live with. I learned how to eat for weight-loss success”—Ann Dacek, RN, Hospital of St. Raphaels School of Nursing, New Haven, CT

Robert D’Agostino

is a high school Librarian, a former chef and owner of a successful Italian pizzeria and the author of the Forever Weight-Loss Plan.

After finding out he had Type 2 Diabetes; Robert struggled to lose 60 pounds, but he couldn’t find a weight-loss plan that worked for the long-term, so he decided to create his own plan and share it with you.

This is his first book. Robert lives in Waterford, CT

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