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Thanks for Breakfast Serial

Thanks for having your business acumen to print and send along the stories from your authors, author wanna-bees,
and ordinary people like me.
–Ben Pilla

Made Publishing My Two Books Easy

I want to acknowledge how easy you made it to publish both my books, one was a reprint and the other is new. If other authors are thinking of a sequel or a reprint, contact Hallard Press. You and Nancy deserve the credit. Do not sell yourself short.
–Carl Baker, Broken Sunshine, Patriot’s Call, & Enemies in the West Wing

We Five are Elated

Nancy and John, Can’t thank you enough for submitting our book to Indie. We five are elated to think we will be in some libraries. You have made five women throw their pink hats into the air. 
–Cleo  Simon, Mountains Along Our Path

Highly Recommended

I have had one book published through Hallard Press and my second book is now being edited. Working with these folks is easy and fun. Even the promotional work they provide is excellent and ongoing. Highly recommended!
–Richard Stoebel, I’m Almost History & The Deuce Coupe that Stole My Heart

Very Professional

Hallard Press owners John and Nancy are very professional and trustworthy. Being a new author, I needed help with editing, formatting publishing and marketing. They were very patient with my many editing requests for my newly published book, Forever Weight Loss Plan, A simple 10-Step to a Lighter and Happier you. I recommend Hallard Press highly.
–Robert D’Agostino, Forever Weight Loss

You Won’t Regret It

No author writes because they love editing, marketing and all the techie stuff. Writing is the easy part, but if you want anyone to share your talent and efforts, then do yourself a favor and hire the experienced  writers, editors and marketers available through Hallard Press. You’ve done the hard work; let the good folks at Hallard Press take it from there. You won’t regret it!
–Marsha Shearer, America in Crisis & Life After Trump

Dream to Work With

Hallard Press was a dream to work with for this novice author. John Prince and Nancy Hellekson guided me step-by-step in the process of turning my poems into a professional-looking book. There was an active give-and-take process in determining the format, as well as adding the artwork. I felt comfortable relying on their expertise in these stages, yet they honored my requests. The result is a book that has generated numerous compliments from family and friends. Everyone loves the way it looks. Hallard Press has continued to support me after publication.
–Ron Feldheim, Butterflies, Snowbirds & Passions

I Couldn’t Have Made a Better Choice

I couldn’t have made a better choice in engaging Hallard Press to support me in bringing my first book, Rise and Shine: Reclaiming Our Rightful Place, from manuscript to finished product! Both Nancy and John clearly, patiently, and professionally guided me through each step and prepared my book for publication in the amount of time they had promised. I highly recommend Hallard Press for your publishing opportunities and will definitely use them again and again! Thank you, Nancy and John.
–Ann Marie Acacio, Rise and Shine

Fabulous Cover

My book’s first impression is my cover and it is a fabulous one thanks to John Prince. But I wouldn’t be published at all if wasn’t for Nancy Hellekson. Thank you both!
–Barbara Rein, Tales From the Eerie Canal

Helpful and Patient

Helpful, patient, understanding, computer savvy.
–Diane Dean, Luna, a Dog Named After the Moon

Fantastic Job

“I want you to know that I really am very pleased at how well the printed edition came out.  You and your crew did a fantastic job on editing, the cover, formatting, etc. “
–Keith Wilson Plunder, Life Form

Everything Looked Terrific

Thank you so much for setting up my author’s page at Goodreads. I looked at the site for both books and thought everything looked terrific.
–Mel Harrison The Ambassador is Missing

Professional Looking Book

We love the book layout.  It is just the professional looking book that I had envisioned. You did an excellent job!
–Cleo Simon, Mountains Along Our Path

Made the Process Easy For Me

I was fortunate to meet John Prince from Hallard Press at the Book Expo last January.  He was instrumental in getting my manuscript professionally edited, formatted, paginated and published.  John is a villager and has a wealth of information.  He made the process easy for me. I recommend that you contact him for more information on how to get your book published.
–Dick Stoehbel, I’m Almost History & The Deuce Coupe That Stole My Heart

Highly Recommended

I write because I have something to say. And long after I’m gone, my books and the words will remain forever. So, I want my books to be printed and published in a highly professional way. Hallard Press has done that for me. I highly recommend the excellent services they offer.
–Manijeh Badiozamani, Family Tales From Tehran, One Summer in My Life, and A Year in Middle America

Ideal Publisher

Hallard Press was certainly the ideal publisher to entrust my manuscript.  Even my husband is enjoying the book!
–Blessings…Ann Marie Acacio, Rise and Shine

Good Work and Professionalism

I am very pleased with both the ebook and paperback. Thank you immensely for your good work and professionalism.
–Dr. Olufunmilayo Fasehun, Serving With Integrity

Your Team Has Been Awesome

Once again, thank you very much! You and your team have been awesome.
–Keith Wilson Plunder, Life Form

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