Red Proofreading Marks and Pen Closeup

Proofreaders’ Marks

How many of you remember or still use proofreaders’ marks? Today, with the dominance of technology, most do not edit on paper, they use the Word tracking system. But for those of us who still like paper and pencil, here’s a review of proofreaders’ marks.

Proofreader Marks

4 thoughts on “Proofreaders’ Marks”

  1. Good stuff, but it appears this is incomplete. The marks in the figure are only the marginal notations; each marginal notation should be coupled with in-line marks to indicate the details. See a typical example from a Northwestern Univ website at https://amstp.northwestern.edu/documents/proofreading-marks-at-a-glance.pdf.

    We still use these weekly in our writers group, because we read our work aloud while the other members mark up hardcopy. Then we verbally provide the most important critiques, and hand back the hardcopy with mark-ups to help the author.

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