principle or principal

Principle or Principal?


How many times have you wondered which is correct?

I will always remember what my mother told me – A principal with a pal in it is a person.

It’s almost as easy as that, but not quite.

Principal, as a noun, refers to someone in a leading position like the principal of a school.

Principal, as an adjective, means most important like the principal ingredient of the soup is mushrooms.

Whereas, principle, as a noun, refers to a general or fundamental truth. You can remember it by the “le” ending, the same as in rule.

Principle is not an adjective, but principled is.


He was regarded as a man of principle.

The basic principle was that those who worked hard would be rewarded.

The principal amount invested should be no less than $1,000.

As the principal actress in the play, she had a star on her door.

Thanks to Merriam-Webster!

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