New Website Created With “Future Hooks”

Hallard Press has Plans to Add New Features

Same name / different website. Click www.HallardPress.com and go to the indie publisher’s “new” website. Although not readily seen by the user, it contains future hooks, a build strategy that allow almost unlimited expansion in the future.

“Creating a new website without ‘future hooks’ is like writing Chapter One and without any plans for the rest of the book,” says John Prince, Hallard Press Creative Director. “It means that you’re finished, and it will never get any better.”

Working closely with Optix in Winter Park, FL the Hallard Press site has been designed so that it’s easy to add features and information. “Like any worthwhile project, it was frustrating and magical all at the same time,” said Prince who has been designing websites since 1995. “Back then the site builders used this wonderful new tool called ‘Netscape Navigator.’”

Like virtually all robust websites today, HallardPress.com was created on a WordPress platform. “WordPress is the best content management system available today. Its a platform that continues to evolve and improve, allowing for developers and clients to create content without having to learn any kind of programming language,” says Optix CEO Steve White. 

Work has already started on adding individual Hallard Press author pages with bios, reviews, and a ‘Buy Now” button linked directly to Amazon.  Over the next few months Hallard Press has plans to add numerous information links, videos, podcasts, writing competitions, and serializations. “We spent time thinking about the site ahead of time; what did we want it to do immediately, as well as in the future,” Prince said. “The strategy was to build in the flexibility to promote excitement, help our authors, and allow unlimited growth down the road.”

Visit the HallardPress.com site.

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