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New Author Series in the Villages-News.com

By John Prince

Everybody has a unique story. Everybody. And for me, one of the joys of being a writer is bringing these stories to the world.

When we first moved to The Villages, I met Meta Minton, editor of Villages-News.com, and pitched the idea that I would write “profiles” of Villagers and people who lived near The Villages in a Sunday column. They were 750-1000 words with a photo or two and, perhaps, a link to another site. Local authors were often featured.

Then, after eight or nine months I’d “retire”—other things to do, distracted, run out of people to profile. Writing a column is hard work and meeting a deadline every week becomes onerous.

Well, I’m pleased to announce that I’m back again—this is the third or fourth “coming out of retirement,” thanks to an invitation from the indefatigable Meta.

Same idea—profiles on people—but this time with more attention on authors and books that deserve to be supported. Supported because they’re good reads; promoted because they’re by local and regional authors; profiled because the authors themselves have an exceptional story that the readers of Villages-News.com will enjoy.

False Flag CoverThe first author featured in the new series is Jay Barrett, a Villager who has been an engineer, advertising model, professional golf instructor, championship squash player, and seeker of sunken treasure—among several other careers. He’s also an author with a mystery thriller on Inca treasure, a private eye in 1972, and the sinking of the USS Maine in 1898. Read False Flag  to see how they all come together. 

Read Jay’s profile in Villages-News.com.  Here’s the link: https://www.villages-news.com/2021/03/13/villager-with-varied-careers-adds-author-to-his-list-of-accomplishments/


Advantages of being online only

Villages-News.com is online only—there is no print-on-paper version. That offers several big advantages.

I can immediately email or text a link to my friend in the UK, Japan or the South Pole and they can read the article by touching the link. No need to mail a photocopy of the page to them and, weeks later, they can see the story. We can all share it in real time. The people I write about can send the link to their family and friends.

The stories are archived forever on the Villages-News.com and other sites. After the story is published, anyone can go to the archive, click to copy the link, and in an instant email or text it to anyone in the world. Featured authors can include the link on their Amazon page and other sites.

I’ll also be writing Sunday Villages-News.com articles on other people who are doing strange and wonderful things. Stay tuned on April 18 for the story of Villager Larry Moran, in his mid-seventies, who will be meeting his stepsister and stepbrother for the first time.

I’m excited to be back.

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