Letter M

Most Magnificent Monarch Martha

By Alvin Stenzel

Quite a while back, I met a woman who impressed me greatly.  She was very talented musically so here is what I wrote for her.
This was not to be an ordinary ode, but a challenge for me – 100 words (including title), all beginning with M, all unique.

May my medieval minstrel’s mad mischief minimize mayhem?  Might manners motivate meaningful meditation?  Maybe morning mirth muffles mournful manic marathons.  Midnight misty moon, mythical mysteries, mobilize maximum mellow memories.  Majestic magical montages make music multiply.  Maestro mutters mutual madrigal melody medleys, making moments much more masterful.  Miracles myself move.  Morale, moreover, mushrooms.  Myriad meadows, mazes, mansions maintain mature momentum.  Marvelous missives maneuver manifest modest messages.  Mysterious mercy miraculously means major manly memorial mementos.  Maiden musician, marquess, Madonna, majesty, modern muse . . . measure, memorize martyred man’s metaphors.  Melt meekly.  Manufacture marble medals.  Mold many monuments.  Meet mnemonic me.

6 thoughts on “Most Magnificent Monarch Martha”

  1. Linda Lee Keenan

    Wow! Move over for meek Alvin when first he meets thee Maiden! Well done. Ingenious. Imaginative. Informative. Delightful!

  2. Steve "Doc" LeShay

    Alvin gives us an excellent example of a reverse lipogram (e.g., antilipo) — a type of constrained writing where each word in the text must contain a particular letter. Well done!

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