Craft Short Story Contest

Looking for a Short Story Contest?

Enter this one before April 30th.

2023 CRAFT Short Fiction Prize

Guest Judge: Nana Nkweti

$2,800 Awarded

Send us your best short stories! Submissions are open March 1 to April 30, 2023. Guest Judge Nana Nkweti will choose three stories from a select shortlist of fifteen. We’re looking for short stories that ring with excellence on every level of craft—intricate characterization, meaningful narrative development, and unforgettable voice. We want openings that spark and fire, middles that maintain momentum and tension, and endings that resonate long after we leave the page. We’ll curate the top fifteen entries for Nana Nkweti to review anonymously, and here’s what she’d like to see:

Short stories are for savoring. The umami of a metaphor, well-met. The sweetness of syntax. The bite of characters in conflict with the world and with themselves. These narratives are incredibly self-contained yet offer up a smorgasbord of thoughts and emotions that stick to your ribs. I look forward to reading work that consumes me—with an image, a phrase, an epiphany that will take days if not months to fully digest. Let’s nourish and be nourished in the reading and writing of the works to come.

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