Link to Covid-19 Vaccinations at Publix Pharmacies

Select Publix Pharmacies in a number of Florida counties will have Covid-19 vaccine/vaccinations available this week.

The NEXT online appointment page will be open on Wednesday, February 3, 2021 at 6 am.

The link is https://www.publix.com/covid-vaccine/florida

We advise you to go the link in advance and read the information and list of counties. The pharmacy delivering the shot will require proof of residency (driver’s license) and health insurance card.

The routine is to go onto the link at 6 am on Wednesday. The page will display a 60-second repeating countdown. The countdown will simply stop if you “get in” and you can then complete the appointment form. (There’s no other warning. So be vigilant and don’t nod off!)

There are several pages to complete, and this can take a few nerve-wracking moments. Completing the form is not a guarantee that you will get an appointment. Be prepared to answer the questions quickly (the website is clunky and sometimes unresponsive because it is so busy.) You must have your Medicare number ready to put in.

After one person has an appointment, you can then try for an appointment for a second person.

You can read the ongoing number of vaccine doses left in all countries which updates on the site.

Our recommendation is to choose a country with a high number of doses available. If you get to the “Choose a location” page, choose quickly and don’t be disappointed if the time you select is already gone. You can enter some of the information again and try again. (Our recommendation: choose the latest appointment because others will try for the earliest.)

You may have to travel to get the vaccination.

Apparently each Publix location gives only about 100 vaccinations a day, so those with appointments can go inside, directly to the pharmacy, where there is someone to check them in.

One couple in The Villages had to travel to West Palm Beach—but they got the vaccination and an appointment for the follow-up, in WPB, in a month. They also got the Moderna vaccine, considered the most effective according to some reports.

If you want to get clever, set up as many computers as you have, plus smart phones/pads and other digital devices that will access the internet and on which you can enter information.

It’s a real crap shoot and you want to any take advantage of every possibility.

Pass this on to your friends. Good luck and stay healthy. Let us know if you get an appointment.

Nancy & John

2 thoughts on “Link to Covid-19 Vaccinations at Publix Pharmacies”

  1. Nancy & John,
    Thanks for the information . Nice to know that we will have to fill out a form. Yes it is a “crap shoot” as whether or not you can even get on the website let alone sign up for a shot.
    I tried last week to no avail. There were over 5000 vaccines available in West Palm Beach and
    1700+ available in Marion county.
    Soooo, I’m not planning on driving about four hours to get the vaccine.
    Just wearing a mask when out, “unsocial” distancing and not going to any parties.
    May you both stay well and keep sending the Hallard Press Gazette which is enjoyable reading.
    Spring is around the corner and Summer is coming.

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