Keyword Research

Keyword Research

By Nancy Hellekson

Don’t waste your time using the Amazon ASIN Lookup Tool!

Yes, I know, last week I was promoting it. This week I was working with it for this article and found that it was nothing more than a promotional tool to get you to buy Seller App. It supplied scanty information with a button for more in-depth info that sent you to Seller App. After setting up an account, you find that it costs $99/ month. Yes, that’s a month!

Importance of Keywords and Categories

We all know how important keywords and categories are. They help readers find your book. If a reader can’t find your book, they can’t buy it!


Alright, Nancy, what do you suggest?

This time I have done my research and have actually owned this product for more than a year.

Dave Chesson is the owner of Kindlepreneur. He has been helping authors for several years. He’s also young and good-looking.

His product Publisher Rocket is really a must have. And it’s only $97! One-time payment with unlimited upgrades.

What does Publisher Rocket Do?

Publisher Rocket IconPublisher Rocket does four key things:

  1. Helps to get your book discovered by more Amazon shoppers
  2. Finds the best categories for your book to help you hit bestseller status faster
  3. Shows you what other authors are doing, how much they earn, and more
  4. Creates effective and efficient Amazon Book ads for you, saving you time and energy


And best of all, Publisher has some awesome tutorials.

1 – Introduction to Publisher Rocket
2 – Keyword Feature
3 – Competition Analyzer
4 – Category Search Feature
5 – AMS Keywords Search Feature
6 – Add more categories to your book

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