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Keke’s Guide to Training Your Human

By Ken Van Camp

The following story is a post from Keke’s Guide to Training Your Human, a new blog written by Ken Van Camp from the perspective of his puppy. How do you handle a Biewer Terrier puppy? More importantly, how does she handle you

Taking Time to Appreciate the Big Things in Life

Lesson 17: Pausing to take stock of our human subjects


As a puppy, I spend much of my life dwelling on the little things: the smell of grass still moist from Flash’s pee, the sight of a gecko’s neck bulge only moments before I lunge and send him scurrying across the patio, my first taste of ice cream.

But sometimes, it’s important to pause and take stock of the big things: my humans. Aside from those delightfully smelly socks and chewy laces, they give me love and encouragement, they play “mouse chase” with me until that poor rodent can take no more, and they let me lick their faces until they dive, giggling like five-year-olds, under the covers.

As I’ve gotten out more to explore the world, I’ve realized that they gave me a nice, safe place to live with (mostly) friendly neighbors. (I wonder about Teddy, the pugnacious chihuahua next door. He’s said some mean things, but it’s probably all bluster.)

I’ve also gotten to know the humans around here — some smell like a fresh daisy, and others like a flattened stink bug. And don’t even get me started on their breath. And I know it’s hard to believe, but a couple of them have walked past me without even acknowledging how cute I am. I mean, what’s that about?

Inconceivable. Absolutely, totally, and, in all other ways, inconceivable.

I spend a lot of time making fun of my humans in this blog, but I have to say I found a pretty good set. And just because the smell of their hair makes me sneeze doesn’t mean I will stop chewing it. Or their shoes. I think I’ll keep them. The humans, I mean, not the shoes.

Oh, heck, I’ll keep them both.

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Ken and Keke

Ken Van Camp is a freelance writer, software engineer, voiceover artist, audiobook producer, dog lover, and the author of Keke’s Guide to Training Your Human. 

He is a member of Pen, Paper and Pals, Writers of the Villages, and Writer’s League of the Villages. Check out his website to see his many interests: https://vancamp.info

6 thoughts on “Keke’s Guide to Training Your Human”

  1. william (Bill) Frakes

    Keke sounds lovable and has his ability to train humans well entrench. My daughter has a chihuahua/terrier mix (Lucy) that majored in humans with a minor in begging. She has groomed her skill and experience to the level that she has shared her skills with my daughter’s other mut, I mean pet, a Doberman name Rosie.
    Ms. Rosie has taken begging to another level…demanding!

  2. Keke is refreshing to read, I have a French Bulldog
    & I totally get communicating w/ our furry friends!
    Keep writing & sharing Ken!

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