5 starsUplifting, especially today. Love his connection to nature!

Clare Hollister is an American Poet noted for his celebration of all cultures that make the “American Dream” possible.  Especially in this year 2020, when we all need to “stop”, take a breath and reset.

INHALE-EXHALE talks about the belief that our values will endure and our visions of hope will inspire the hard-working men and women that have given so much.  Also, the young who have sacrificed to keep our country free.

Clare’s reflections on life and people are based on his farm upbringing in rural America and 28 years of service in the United States Air Force. These are trying times; poetry, music and the arts sometimes get lost in the shuffle.

Clare’s book is a passport to visions of beautiful mountains, distant oceans, mysteries of nature and the complexities of humans. His prose is expressed in awe and wonder at the magic and mysteries of our planet and home on this earth.

Clare’s poems always celebrate the wonderful everyday people from all walks of life.  His prose is written in rhythm rather than rhyme, expressed in humor, satire and seriousness.

Other Books by Clare Hollister

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