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IngramSpark’s Global eBook Network

By Nancy Hellekson

I always thought that IngramSpark’s eBook network was limited and that we should upload eBooks to another platform to get wider distribution, but that’s not true.

Recently, I attended IngramSpark Academy’s Ebooks 101 and found that IngramSpark has global distribution for eBooks.

Amazon’s eBook distribution is limited to Amazon stores around the world, but nothing more. If you select Amazon worldwide distribution for your eBook, you have limited your eBook’s reach and have entered into an exclusive contract with Amazon. Always select limited distribution.

Another Amazon program that puts you into an exclusive contract with Amazon is Kindle Select, “a free 90-day program to Kindle eBook. It gives you the opportunity to reach more readers through Amazon and Kindle promotions.”

Why do we make sure we do not have any exclusive contracts with Amazon? Because we want your eBooks to be available just about anywhere.IngramSpark's Global eBook network When we put up your eBook on IngramSpark it gets distributed to all IngramSpark’s  active channels including Apple Books and Nook.IngramSpark Apple Amazon Comparison


Your relationship with IngramSpark includes a non-exclusive contract with separate contracts for Amazon and Apple. You can opt out at any time.

One of the questions at the webinar was “What is the difference between and ePub and an eBook?” I thought you’d like to know the answer.  They are a bit similar. An ePub is the format for your eBook. We convert your book from a Word or InDesign document to an ePub, the universal file for eBooks. We upload your eBook as a yourbook.epub to Amazon and IngramSpark, so that it can be read by any eBook reading device.  You refer to the book you’re reading as an eBook.

So now you know why we upload your eBook to both Amazon and IngramSpark – we want more readers to be able to buy it!


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