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“Getting good speakers on topics that appeal to writers has often been a daunting task for book clubs, writing organizations, critique groups, and special interest clubs,” says Nancy Hellekson, Managing Director of Hallard Press. “That’s why we’ve formed the Hallard Press Speakers Bureau—to help program organizers find informative and entertaining speakers to talk on topics that are vital to both readers and writers.”

The plan is to make speakers available to groups at various levels including ‘at home’ reader book clubs, as well as larger writing organizations and critique groups.

‘Author night’ presentations to ‘at home’ book clubs give authors wider exposure that helps them gain increased recognition, as well as providing an enhanced and entertaining program for the group. Author and writing organizations often struggle to find new presenters for their meetings. The Hallard Press Speakers Bureau aims to help.

Authors/writers, designers, and publishers, will be the first to be included in the Speakers Bureau, says Hellekson. She plans to add other experts, including book marketers and writing coaches, within a short time.

If you would like to be included in our Speakers Bureau, please send your resume to Speakers@HallardPress.com. We will review it and see if it is appropriate for our audiences.

Program organizers can email Speakers@HallardPress.com, give a brief outline of their organization and what they are looking for in a speaker. The Speakers Bureau will then work to set up a presentation with a speaker that will meet their needs.

Hallard Press does not charge any fee for connecting the speaker with the organization. 

Any speaker’s fees and book sales are negotiated between the parties involved. 

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