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Hallard Press Presents at IBPA

John Prince HeadshotHallard Press Creative Director John Prince was one of the four panelists at the closing session of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) held last week in Orlando. Presented by the Florida Authors and Publishers Association (FAPA), the lively Q&A session saw some 40 publishers from the U.S. and Canada engage with the panelists as they responded to the topic “Opportunities and Obstacles for Small Presses.”

Along with John (who is the FAPA Treasurer and Graphics Leader), the other panelists included Ginger Marks who is a former FAPA Board member, Jane R. Wood, a former FAPA President, and Keith Newhouse who is a FAPA member. Renee Garrison, the current FAPA President, moderated the session.

John noted that many Hallard Press authors are seniors with technology challenges and that Hallard Press worked closely with them to help with the ever-changing tools of publishing process as well as assisting with word processing, revisions, and editing. On the opportunity side, seniors were appreciative, loyal, and rewarding to work with because many of them were realizing a lifetime dream of becoming a published author.

IBPA University is the annual national conference of the Association with publisher members across the US, Canada, and overseas. Because of the COVID concerns part of the conference was held virtually and part in person. The 2023 IBPA University is scheduled to be held in San Diego. The Florida Authors and Publishers Association (FAPA) is the Florida-based IBPA partner organization with both author and publisher members.

The FAPA annual conference is scheduled to be held in Orlando, July 29-30, 2022. Along with speakers and presentations designed for all levels of author and publisher, the closing banquet will feature the annual Presidents Book Awards medal ceremony. For more information visit https://myfapa.org/fapacon/

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  1. Richard+Stoebel

    Thank you John for your involvement in the publishing business. You folks at Hallard Press make it easy and fun to become an author.

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