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Hallard Press Now Offers Audiobooks

Hallard Press has teamed up with Scott Ellis Reads and now offers audiobooks as an option to our authors.

We have had many requests for audiobooks, but until now, haven’t been able to offer them.

Your audiobook will be professionally produced and uploaded through ACX to Amazon and Audible.com.

You’ll be amazed at the affordable price.

For more information, email us at audiobooks@hallardpress.com.

8 thoughts on “Hallard Press Now Offers Audiobooks”

  1. I’m excited to take advantage of this! I’ve jumped on board and between Hallard Press and Scott Ellis Reads, I know my book is in safe and caring hands.

    An increasing number of people are choosing audio books as their ‘reading’ option and now I’ll soon be able to add this choice for them. And what’s so great about this? All I have to do is choose the narrator. That’s it. Nancy and Scott take care of everything else and at a very reasonable price.

    In a word, woo hoo! (Ok, that’s two)

  2. The email I read just prior to this was from an automobile dealer. Could not read the ultra-small disclaimer print. Can you define what an affordable price is considered to be?

  3. Manijeh Badiozamani

    Great news!
    I’ve had so many requests for an audio version of my first book “Family Tales from Tehran.” I’ve dragged my feet on that because I’m not sure (besides myself) who can read those short stories with the right pronunciation!

  4. Manijeh, I sent Nancy a review by an author. His book apparently required a variety of accents. The one I recall was a requirement for a stuttering Frenchman!

    1. Manijeh Badiozamani

      I’m seriously thinking of having an audiobook. Wonder if Scott Ellis Reads would have the right reader for my book !!

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