FAPA Book awards

Hallard Press Authors Win FAPA Awards

Our Ancient Brain by James S. Bucko
Life After Trump by Marsha Shearer

James Bucko won the silver medal for his book, Our Ancient Brain: Why We Think the Way We Do. 

Why are conspiracy theories so popular?
Do superstitions influence our behavior?
How can ancient instincts affect our beliefs?

They’re all baked into our primeval brains.
We can’t help ourselves!
But how did they get there?

Marsha Shearer won her second gold medal from FAPA for Life After Trump: Seeking a More Perfect Union. Last year, she won the gold medal for America in Crisis: Essays on the Failed Presidency of Donald J. Trump.

Life After Trump is a well-researched, comprehensive review of the vulnerabilities in our government exposed by the norm-busting Trump era, and it provides solutions to these problems along with an implementation plan.

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