What in the world does GROK mean?

It’s Martian!

To grok something is to understand it both profoundly and intuitively.

Grok may be the only English word that derives from Martian. Yes, we do mean the language of the planet Mars. No, we’re not getting spacey; we’ve just ventured into the realm of science fiction. Grok was introduced in Robert A. Heinlein‘s 1961 science fiction novel Stranger in a Strange Land. The book’s main character, Valentine Michael Smith, is a Martian-raised human who comes to Earth as an adult, bringing with him words from his native tongue and a unique perspective on the strange ways of earthlings. Grok was quickly adopted by the youth culture of America and has since peppered the vernacular of those who grok it.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary


She enjoyed the deep discussions in her metaphysics class that helped her grok some of the main themes of Western philosophy.

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  1. a year ago it meant Gronk caught a pass from Tom B. It was misspelled because the sender of that message drank tooo much beer caused by the excitement!

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