4 thoughts on “Gray and Grey”

  1. My last name is Gray. I didn’t even know there was another way of spelling it until I was in the military. Worst still, my first name is Larry (after my dad’s nickname as his first name was “L. L.”).

    So it went with the military, “What is your last name?”

    Me, “Gray.”

    Them, “How is that spelled?”

    Me, “G-R-A-Y. Is there another way to spell it?”

    Them, “What is your first name?

    My reply, “Larry”

    Them, “No, not your nickname, your first name. What is it, Lawrence?”

    Me, “My name is Larry.”

    Them, “What is your father’s name?”

    Me, “L. L. Gray.”

    Them, “No, not his initials; his first name.”

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