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Retailers and Distributors

Now that we know that Retailers are publishing companies that will sell your book only on their website. Let’s take a look at some of the largest Retailers.

The (Two) Keys to a Car Rental

When you buy a car you get at least two sets of keys. Why? Well, in case you lose one set you’ve got a backup. You lock one set in the car, you’ve got a backup. There are two drivers and each can have their own set of keys. You can mail one set to a friend and ask them to pick your car up at the airport. You name it. There are probably a thousand more possibilities.

Coloring Outside the Lines

Writing is like coloring. You create a picture and color it in so that the reader can see their version of what you see. Sometimes you want to stay inside the lines and color in one direction. Other times you can get really messy, go way outside the lines, and mix purple with yellow.

The “Publisher’s Dictionary”

Back when I was a rising fifth grader, the supplies list for school included a dictionary. That’s “dictionary”—as in a printed volume with pages and a hard-red cover and the word “DICTIONARY” in white lettering across the front.
“So you can look up words, learn how to spell them—and also learn the meanings,” our teacher assured us.
“How can you look up a word if you don’t know how to spell it?” I asked with perfect ten-year-old logic.

Publishing Your Book

First, you’ve imagined and created your work. Then came the editing and proofreading. Next you designed your book so that it would be attractive and readable. Your cover looks great! People are going to want buy your book!  But… who is going to publish it?

Photos in Your Book? Three Tips

A few photos can make an instructional, memoir, or historical book have a lot more pizzaz as well as illustrating the content in a way that words cannot. Here are three tips to make your photos look better and cost less.

Update on Barnes & Noble “Local” Policy

When Barnes & Noble CEO James Daunt announced the “local store policy” last year it started a bit of a stampede by Indie/self-published authors attempting to get their latest work stacked on a table at the front of the stores. It can be done, but there are some hoops to jump through

Speaking Fast Food

I was in a Jersey Mike’s sandwich shop recently for the first time. I ordered a ham and cheese on a bun.

“Would you like it Mike’s way?” the sandwich maker asked slapping my order together.

“I don’t know,” I responded. “What’s Mike’s way?”

Walking the High Line

Armchair travel in the time of Covid-19.
In the late 1800s the West Side Cowboys rode and waved flags in front of Manhattan’s Tenth Avenue freight trains. New Yorkers, being of stubborn and independent character, ignored the Cowboys and their warnings. In time, after many accidents, Tenth Avenue became known as “Death Avenue.”

What Type Are You?

Most of us know what a “font” is. Some call it a “typeface” or “typestyle.” We speak casually of double spaced 12 pt Times Roman for manuscripts. Helvetica for headlines. Script for flourishes and decorations.
But before 1440 (when Gutenburg introduced moveable type to Europe), the “hand” of the monk or scribe would be the deciding factor in the lettering design. Just as handwriting varies with the individual, so the little nuances of the copier’s lettering could be identified.