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Hallard Press FAQs

What is Hallard Press?

Hallard Press is a complete publishing house resource for authors, particularly those who want to self-publish their books. Indie publishing has become increasingly popular through platforms like KDP/Amazon, IngramSpark and others. Yet, there’s a real need for services like ours offering personal knowledge, skill and talent to help authors navigate through unfamiliar territory. Our goal is simple: We help authors edit and publish, then educate them on how to promote their books while having fun doing it!

What makes Hallard Press unique?

Our principals and associates are editors, writers, designers, artists, publishers and book marketers. With many decades of experience, we understand the needs of authors and indie publishers. We also know book buyers. We are the people—the hands-on personal resource—who can guide you, offer you needed skills, and help get your book into the hands of readers.

Does Hallard Press take part of the author's royalty?

We believe that authors should receive all royalties for their books. Hallard Press is a fee-for-service publishing house. That means we charge sensible fees for our services and our authors keep the full royalties for their work.

What services does Hallard Press offer?

Hallard Press offers a full suite of services including initial consulting and guidance, editing, cover design and interior book formatting, digital uploads and submissions. We also offer various levels of promotional services. All levels include coaching and social media management. Our goal is to help authors write good books which we publish in print and eBook forms that will appeal to readers. Besides setting writers up for Print-on-Demand, Hallard Press also offers small orders for family and personal books, if desired.

Does Hallard Press use outside suppliers?

The Hallard Press Partners maintain all communications with individual authors; our vendors will never contact authors directly. Vendors contracted by Hallard Press to provide specific services are vetted and monitored for quality and trust. Vendors may include editors, designers and technical personnel.

Do authors have to use all of the Hallard Press services?

Hallard Press offers “modular” service . In other words, authors can choose just the services they want, while not accessing others. Some authors may choose only editing and publishing—if they are not looking for sales. Others may just use our design and book formatting modules. If, later on, they want to add other services, we make it easy to do.

Authors are often looking for "personal service". Does Hallard Press offer that?

We do. Writing is such a personal activity. At times, an author’s book may result from much emotional turmoil and take a while to write. Each author is assigned a Hallard Press Partner who is their “single point of contact.” The Partner personally counsels and guides each author, discussing goals, budgets and other important aspects of the process to ensure that the end product—their book— meets or exceeds their personal desire.

What is my royalty rate for book sales?

You will receive all royalties directly from the distribution/sales platform (Amazon, IngramSpark, B&N, private book stores, etc.) based on their rates and paid on their payment schedule. Because you will have paid Hallard Press a fee-for-service, we do not share in your royalties from book sales.


How long will it take to complete my book?

Some ready-to-publish books can be completed in as little as six weeks. Others will take longer. When we see your manuscript and talk further we can give you a timeline.

What services will you provide as my publisher?

We offer a complete range of services – everything you will need to write, edit, publish and promote your book. You choose the specific services you need, and we’ll give you an itemized estimate of the costs. 


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