Poetry by Clare Hollister

Clare Hollister’s poetry is inspired by countless readers, friends, family, and travels throughout the world. He is noted for his celebration of all cultures that make the “American Dream” possible. Hard-working everyday men and women who have given so much, along with young Americans who have sacrificed life and limb to keep our country free.

Clare believes that the American values our country was founded on and the visions of hope from the people within, is the life-blood of our great nation.

Below are some poems from his 15th book of poetry, Envision.


Imagine all the possibilities
That the future can offer
When we take time to think
While living in freedom
Free to write, free to say,
Free to believe a vision
That will take hard work and dedication
Accomplishing success
A dream that shines
Breaking through all thoughts
Where the sun is a little brighter
Where the bonds of “home”
Are a wee bit tighter
The skies become bluer,
The breeze is fresher
Friendships become truer
Love becomes stronger
When a true vision takes birth
What are the odds of
Keeping the fires of freedom burning?
As long as we still believe
It starts with the first breath we take
The first sound we make
In each word we learn
The memories we cherish
Just a few reasons we should
A greater future
Full of possibilities
Beyond all imagination
This is the “American Dream”
A fine wind is blowing
In a new direction of time
That takes its course
Through the chaos of the world
That will cleanse
And bring about a renewal
Laugh, smile
Reset the clock
For a great joyous
Beautiful and free life
Honest labor bears a sweet face


A name is given as an honor
Bestowed upon a city, town or person
If you have never been
To the Homosassa Preserve
You are missing a special privilege
Available to all
A name well deserved
For they take in wounded
Animals that are indigenous
To the state of Florida
My five children
Each had a name starting with “L”
Which occasionally became confusing
I was given a name
Often mistaken for a female
When many times
Became amusing
I have learned to love it
I believe my name
Made me unique
It makes one wonder
How are names chosen?
I tend to believe
It takes a lot of thought
For the name that was given
Is a privilege
Not granted to everyone
The name given will never
Belong to the giver
It is a gift
Bestowed to another
Have you given much thought
As to your name?
Some say
It may determine
The outcome of who we are
And what we become

La Costa Nostra


This is about a woman
Mop and broom in hand
My wife, Caroline
Is making her move
She is a graduate of
The East Gary Sanitation Dept.
Dust bunnies
Run for your life
Windows, doors and floors
Nothing left undone
Unfurled the battle
The beauty of a job well done
Along with a personality
That is loving and caring
Shining her light
In everything she does
There she goes
Silks sweetly flowing
Each day becomes fresh and new
No sad songs
For she is strong
If you want a beautiful
Supportive partner for life
You may be Okay
With the La Costa Nostra of clean


Clare Hollister is an American Poet noted for his celebration of all cultures that make the “American Dream” possible.  Especially in this year 2021, when we all need to “stop”, take a breath and reset

Clare’s reflections on life and people are based on his farm upbringing in rural America and 28 years of service in the US Air Force. These are trying times; poetry, music and the arts sometimes get lost in the shuffle.

Clare’s books are a passport to visions of beautiful mountains, distant oceans, mysteries of nature and the complexities of humans. His prose is expressed in awe and wonder at the magic and mysteries of our planet and home on this earth. Written in rhythm rather than rhyme,  it expresses humor, satire, and seriousness.


Clare’s poetry can be found on Amazon

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  1. Denise+N.+Kingsley

    Thank you Clare, your poems are most refreshing, a great reminder to be grateful to live in a free country. They are a reminder that we need to be kinder and more compassionate, everyone you meet is just another flawed human being doing the best they know how. I enjoyed reading them.

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