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Eleven Hallard Press eBooks in Indie Florida

We are pleased to announce that ten Hallard Press authors have eleven eBooks available through participating Libraries. The Indie Author Project selected them to be listed in Indie Florida Books and Indie Connecticut Books.

This is quite an honor for our authors. Each of these books have been be vetted by industry editorial partners and regional library editorial boards. Being selected by these curators can lead to expanded discovery, distribution, and networking opportunities. In addition, each spring the Indie Author Project hosts local contests trying to find the best indie titles in each participating region. The 2022 contests will open April 1st in 18 regions across North America.

Our authors include:
Barbara Rein, Tales From the Eerie Canal
Barry Kaplan, The Coin
Brian Doyle, Summer Days Hot Nights
Cleo Simon et al, Mountains Along Our Path
Holly Schwartztol, Along My Garden Path
Keith Wilson, Life Form 
Keith Wilson, Plunder
Manijeh Badiozamani, One Summer in My Life
Margaret Edwards, Slue Foot
Robert D’Agostino, Forever Weight Loss*
Ronald Feldheim, Butterflies, Snowbirds & Passions

*Indie Connecticut

Where to Find the Indie eBooks

Unfortunately, these books are not found in the ordinary library catalog. They are found under “Online Resources” on the library’s website.

Below are instructions on how to find these gems:

1 – First you must LOGIN to your local library. In our example, it’s the Sumter County Library System



2 – After logging in, you’ll see “Library Links” on the left-hand side. Select “eBooks & Online Resources

Library Links

3 – You will be taken to a new screen where you can select either “eAudio, eBooks, eComics for All Ages” or  “Self-Publishing Resources for Indie Authors.

Online Resources

4 – Depending on what you selected, you will see one of the following two icons. Click on the icon.


Indie Author Project Select
ebooks by authors

You have now entered the world of “Featured Authors”, the eBook treasure trove of the library system.

Featured Authors

5 – When you click on “Search” and type in one of our authors or titles, you will come to the book page. In this case, it’s Barbara Rein’s Tales of the Eerie Canal.

Tales of the Eerie Canal

6 – By clicking on “Read” you can download the book.

At the bottom of the screen, you can see that the book can also be found in a Collection called “Short Stories”, under “Anthology” and in “Indie Florida.”

Finding an Indie eBook is tedious, but once you figure it out, you will find many hidden gems that will enrich your reading experience.

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  1. John or Nancy is there a way to forward this to friends, newspaper people ? please let me know thanks, I have the books when do u want them?

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