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Earth 2123

By Linda Keenan


Mara Lynn’s lifelong dream was coming true. Today.

Up early, she dressed, touched a button on her wristband and was transported to the Decompression-Regeneration chamber. As she reclined in the chaise, her mind relaxed hearing peaceful harmonic tones. She inhaled the scent of lavender drifting on a soft breeze along with the aromatic nutrients customized to her profile. Five minutes after entering the D-R chamber, Mara Lynn sat up and squared her shoulders. She thought ahead to the morning ceremony when she would meet the one hundred that she would command going forward.  

Mara Lynn wondered how humans survived earth stresses before Decompression-Regeneration chambers.

At graduation the month before, it was announced that she’d earned the privilege of overseeing the next group of leaders. It was no small honor. Mara Lynn had worked for years to become an expert in her field. She had grit, intellect and the courage required to assume command.

The chamber door opened as she rose from the ergonomic chaise. She stepped onto the hallway floor that was moving to her left at 10 km per hour. However, the media theater in the next quadrant was to her right. That meant she would have to run at least 10.5 km per hour for 20 minutes in order to arrive at the appointed time. Mara Lynn welcomed this aerobic workout. It energized and strengthened her entirely.

Her wristband flashed blue and the floor stopped in front of a door that opened upward. She entered the antechamber and the door closed soundlessly. The fresh mint breeze dried and cooled her, relaxing every muscle in her body. Seconds later, the door opened.  

A titanium door glowed shades of green and disappeared in response to Mara Lynn’s presence. Her hand went to her heart. She was in awe of the majesty of the theater and of the responsibilities she would assume. Soft blue overhead lighting was interspersed with cottony white puffs that mimicked a peaceful summer sky. Specific harmonic tones sounded for mental acuity.

The empty theater revealed no furnishings, but there was one item. The new wristband hung like a stringless puppet at the epicenter of the room, precisely at her eye level. With a gentle touch, the band encircled her left wrist where the smaller band had resided an instant before. Multi-colored flashes signaled the complete brain sync-up. She transformed the room with her thoughts. First, one hundred virtual workstations appeared in amphitheater style. A glowing hover-podium appeared next.

Mara Lynn would be the only physical person in the theater. Her hologram would appear in front of each of the one hundred leaders as if she spoke only to him or her, while speaking to all. All equipment functioned flawlessly via super-satellites based on Space Station Earth.

One hundred years ago, scientists claimed that only 20% of the human brain was accessible. Seventy-five years later, a descendant of Einstein discovered that by applying sound waves to a precise spot within the right hemisphere of the cerebrum, pathways would open the left hemisphere, and connect through the corpus callosum, enabling use of the entire brain. Success was attained by a series of short and quick pinpointed sound blasts.

Mara Lynn was among the first to receive the sound wave treatments. She now absorbed thoughts from numerous sources simultaneously and calculated perfect responses. She was the best in her class of one hundred who vied for the position, now hers. Therefore, General Gates had chosen her as his replacement.

The new leaders from around the globe appeared holographically at their assigned workstations.

The hover-podium projected her image throughout the theater, and around the world. She addressed Earth 2123:

“Greetings to people everywhere. I am Mara Lynn, your new Master General Scribe. I am privileged to introduce to you the next world leaders. They now join the elite governing Scribes of Earth, who, within the past decade, designed and developed the systems that stabilize life globally.” Their programs assure our democracy, peace, protection, prosperity, equality and security. . .”

Later, General Gates dispatched a priority message. “Congratulations, General Lynn. I am secure in the knowledge that under your leadership, our planet will continue the solid globalization finally attained after centuries of war and pestilence.”

Linda Keenan
Linda Keenan

Linda is a retired Paralegal and former adjunct professor of history and public relations. She published two historical fiction novels based on the Second World War. 
Writing, along with helping others, is her lifelong passion. Linda is currently writing a program to help young people discover their own talents and abilities.
Presently, Linda is Program Director of Pen, Paper and Pals Writing Club, a new club that’s informative, interesting, innovative, interactive and fun!

10 thoughts on “Earth 2123”

  1. Marsha+Shearer

    I sure would prefer that world one hundred years hence to the one we’re in now. However people learn, be it with books or other sources, it appears none would be banned.

  2. Steve "Doc" LeShay

    Good story that could be a prelude to an entire sci-fi series. It was chocked full of vivid and imaginative descriptions, and made me feel decompressed, regenerated, and wanting to hear more earthly pronouncements from Mara Lynn, General Gates…maybe Marshall Musk, too!

    1. Linda Lee Keenan

      Steve Doc, I appreciate your comments on Earth 2123. Mara Lynn is a future caricature of me, that was fun to write. General Gates is named for Bill Gates. At some point, he will be passing the baton to youngers. Marshall Musk? That’s very funny. Maybe he will appear in an upcoming writing, you never know what ideas will crop up in the mind of a writer! Thanks!

  3. Creative and moving. Space Station Earth–that’ll make you sit up and wonder! Not sure I could handle things one hundred years from now, but then again, if there really were both stability and peace . . . more to think about. Nicely done, Linda.

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