Complement or Compliment

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Complement refers to something that makes something else perfect or complete. (not often used as a noun)

Compliment refers to saying something nice or praising, such as you look nice this evening


Complement means “to complete, to provide something lacking, or form a complement to.”


That hat really complements your dress.

Compliment means to praise, congratulate, or say something admiring to someone. 


They complimented her on her new job.


3 thoughts on “Complement or Compliment”

  1. I love these grammatical reminders. My mother was an English teacher, and she gently drilled MANY of these nuggets of appropriate word usage into me. I must admit, after so many years, I actually DO need some of these reminders. Thank you!

  2. Let me compliment you Nancy for helping us be better writers. These tips complement the trove of ideas collected in our bowls of breakfast cereal.

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