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Communication Etiquette

Have you considered how phone communication has evolved significantly over time, from traditional calls to modern smartphones and video messaging?

This change can lead to confusion and misunderstandings between generations. Here’s some guidance for navigating phone etiquette in 2023 (excerpted from a Washington Post article by Heather Kelly):

Voice Mails: Voicemails are outdated; opt for text or email for timely communication. Exceptions are for loved ones or sharing unique audio experiences.

Making Calls: Always text first to check if it’s a good time to call. Specify urgency and topic to prepare the recipient, especially for video calls.

Responsiveness: You have control; you can decline calls when busy. Send a polite text response if you can’t answer immediately.

Text vs. Call: Use calls for emotional or nuanced conversations; use text for facts or straightforward matters.

Emergency Calls: Indicate emergencies in text messages if necessary.

Video Voice Mails: Use these sparingly and consider the recipient’s preferences.

Video Call Etiquette: Set up your camera correctly and stay still during video calls.

Speakerphone in Public: Avoid using speakerphone in public places; use headphones for privacy.

Call Screening: Utilize call screening features to filter out unwanted or unknown calls.

In summary, phone calls are still valuable for connecting with others! We hope these guidelines will help you navigate modern phone etiquette effectively.

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  1. Excellent.
    Now if people would only adhere to the “rules” especially in the doctor’s waiting room while looking at a sign on the wall
    that says “No cell phones” while chatting on theirs.

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