Chanticleer Book awards

Chanticleer International Book Awards

By Vickie Harding-Wakeen

Celebrating Excellence in Writing:
A Peek into the Chanticleer International Book Awards

In the vast writing world, it sometimes feels like getting your work noticed is like finding a needle in a haystack. But fear not! The Chanticleer International Book Awards (the CIBAs) are here to shine a spotlight on traditional, indie, and self-published gems across different genres.

Not only is there competition among 26 categories for individual published works, but there is also a competition for book series and another for short stories/novellas.

Let’s take a stroll through this literary contest and discover what it’s all about and why you might want to get involved.


Reasons to Apply

Why bother entering the CIBAs? For starters, winning a CIBA award is like getting a high-five from the writing community. Moreover, participating in the Chanticleer International Book Awards offers an effective avenue to enhance your book’s visibility, potentially attracting a wider readership, generating increased attention, and even garnering interest from prominent figures within the literary world.

Winning and placing in a Chanticleer writing contest will help promote your work and your author platform. You can win badges for your website and receive reviews to add to your book cover design. Finalists and winners get active promotion across Chanticleer’s website and social media platforms.

Oh, and did we mention the sweet feedback you’ll get from the judges? It’s like having your own personal cheerleading squad cheering you on to greatness. Finalists, 1st Place Category Winners, and Division Grand Prize CIBA Winners will take home blue ribbons, prize packages, digital badges, stickers, & more!


Eligibility Requirements

Before you hit that submit button, make sure your book meets the CIBA criteria. There are 16 fiction categories and seven non-fiction categories. Your book must have been published after January 2010 and follow CIBA formatting rules. The deadline to enter differs by category (listed below). If you are interested in entering the book series contest, the deadline for the Book Series Awards is October 31, 2024. The entry fee is $199 for non-members. Visit their sitefor more information and to apply.



  • Science Fiction (June 30)
  • Fantasy Fiction (July 31)
  • Late Historical Fiction (July 31)
  • Middle-Grade Fiction (August 31)
  • Romance Fiction (August 31)
  • Americana (September 30)
  • Early Historical Fiction (September 30)
  • Early Readers (September 30)
  • Suspense Thrillers (September 30)
  • Mystery and Mayhem (September 30)
  • Young Adult (September 30)
  • High Stakes Thrillers (October 31)
  • Humor and Satire (October 31)
  • Literary & Contemporary Fiction (October 31)
  • Supernatural Fiction (October 31)
  • Wartime (20th) Fiction (October 31)



  • Overcoming Adversity Narrative (June 30)
  • Uplifting and Inspiring Non-fiction (September 30)
  • Business, Enterprise & Finance (October 31)
  • Enlightenment & Well-Being (October 31)
  • Instruction & Insight (October 31)
  • Journalism (October 31)
  • Military & Front-Line Narrative (October 31)


Judging Process & Rules

There are a multitude of criteria to be aware of that will determine your success. Novels must be published — either self-published, indie-published, or traditionally published. E-pubs are acceptable; all published novels must have ISBN/ASIN designation.

Wondering what the judges will be looking for? They’ll examine your work to discover if your overall story is compelling, if there is an intriguing opening, if the story is unique, if there is successful storyline continuity, and if the entire work is professional in its editing and formatting. Rules include the following:

  • Entries must be in the English language.
  • No erotica. No graphic violence.
  • The first book in the series must have been published AFTER January 1, 2010
  • Each book in the series must be at least 60,000 words. YA and Middle-Grade works may be less, but at least 40,000 words.
  • They will only accept two to five books in a series.
  • You may submit work for more than one category; however, the entry fee must accompany each complete series entry.
  • You may enter more than one series into a given contest.
  • Default winners will not be declared. Contests are based on merit and writing craft.
  • Digital Files must be submitted in PDF or Word DOC format.


Fees and digital files or complete printed series must be received before midnight on October 31, 2024. They prefer digital files but will accept printed books for the CIBA Book Series Awards. Be sure to read their Terms and Conditions carefully.


Benefits of Winning

Awards include cash, prizes, and promotions, up to a value of $30,000 for each First-Place category winner.   You’ll receive a prize ribbon to use at book signings and festivals, digital badges (for book covers and on your sites), and book stickers. Plus, let’s not forget the bragging rights – nothing says “I’m a serious writer” like having a CIBA under your belt.


CIBA Short Stories, Essays, Novelettes, and Novellas Awards

CIBA also awards authors for shorter works like short stories, essays, and novellas. The entry fee is only $45 for a solo entry and $99 for a collection entry. The deadline for submissions is August 31, 2024. At the time of this writing, prizes are “to be determined.” For more information and to apply, visit their site.


CIBA Community & Resources

Are you still not convinced? The CIBAs aren’t only about winning awards – they’re also about building connections; through workshops and networking events, you can rub elbows with fellow writers and pick up new skills.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie on the writing scene, the Chanticleer International Book Awards are your ticket to literary stardom. Go ahead and dust off that (published) manuscript —show the world what you’ve got! The CIBAs are waiting for you with open arms.

Vickie Harding-Wakeen
Vickie Harding-Wakeen

A lifelong Massachusetts resident, Vickie Harding-Wakeen relocated to sunny central Florida in January 2020, and founded MyVirtualGal™, a virtual assistant services company, a year later.

Specializing in supporting solopreneurs and small business owners with the backend, administrative areas of their business, Vickie now also serves as the Marketing & Advertising arm for Hallard Press!

You can learn more about her at www.myvirtualgal.com.

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