Summer Days Hot Nights:

Tales of a 50s teenager: sex, beer, cars & rock 'n roll

Summer Days Hot Nights

This book is like a trip back to the old days. I recommend it to anyone, from anywhere, who grew up in the 50s, and 60S. It’s time travel you can hold in your hands. — GMV

Summer Days Hot Nights

Tales of a 50s teenager:

Sex, beer, cars, & rock ‘n roll

Revenge on a teacher. Saturday nights at the Drive-In. Fast cars, midnight shopping, and teenage sex.

You’ll recognize the characters. They might have had different names in your town, but the escapades are universal.

Relive your teen years with Brian, Marsha, Fusco and the gang from Norwalk.

Brian Doyle

The life of Brian Doyle began when he purchased the B&T Texaco in Norwalk, Ct. when he was 19. This was quickly followed by his short but memorable stint with the U.S. Army.

Brian eventually made a life career in the golf business representing clothing and equipment makers in the Eastern U.S.

Now retired, he lives in Central Florida in a golf community with his wife, Sue, his rescue dog, and his restored black ‘57 Chevy—which he lovingly polishes and takes out in good weather.

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