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The Mouse Chronicles

It’s a cloudy afternoon in a small city. The date and exact time are not important; time is a relic of the past. The concept ceased to exist somewhere between the first million dead bodies out in the real world and the fifth wilting plant in the comfort of my…
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100,000 and Counting

The TV in Memorial Hospital’s doctor’s lounge was on mute, but CNN’s running headline showed the grim news: May 28, 2020: U.S death toll from Covid-19 passes 100,000.
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Mountains Along Our Path

Shenandoah 2014 For many years the word Shenandoah has held a special place in my heart. There was the beautiful song by that name that was popular in my youth, but mostly my fond feelings come from the movie Shenandoah starring Jimmy Stewart. The young suitor of Jimmy Stewart’s daughter…
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Keto For Life

What on Earth Happened? I went to school in the late fifties and sixties, and like the typical school kid, our lunch consisted of tuna fish, peanut butter, or bologna sandwiches on white Wonder Bread.
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By Paul Bourassa I, for one, am pleased to be associated with any group that has the name “baby” in it. Even if it is the Baby Boom. Just think of those poor X-Gen’ers. It already sounds like they’re goners.
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Promise of the Road

By Jacklyn Landis Pauline felt terrible guilt pains when she climbed the windmill tower —as Mama and Daddy had strictly forbidden it. She prayed about the temptation to no avail, knowing full well that it was a devious sin of the worst kind.
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Plunder: A Brett Carson Thriller

By Keith Wilson Undaunted by a severe winter storm that paralyzed the Windy City with blowing and drifting snow,  more than two thousand people crowded into Saint Peter’s cathedral on Washington Street at midnight to celebrate Christmas Eve Mass. Soft candlelight illuminated frozen snow veneers on the window panes; branches of…
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Along My Garden Path

Poems by Holly Schwartztol For Mother’s Christmas Every year I swore I’d get home to New York for your Christmas fete To mingle with those who came year after year as one close group merry at your table
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False Flag – Chapter 2

By Jay Barrett I awoke two hours later than usual at 8:30 a.m. The light, brightening off-white plaster walls of my bedroom, announced the coming of another day. The ancient steam radiator of this century-old red brick building hissed loudly, slaving to push the room temperature above sixty. Weak sunlight,…
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Early Education

Early Education An excerpt from “Family Tales from Tehran” by Manijeh Badiozamani When I was four, I had a brief and unsuccessful encounter with something my parents called “kindergarten.” I have no idea how long I attended—perhaps a week or two—and then they stopped sending me. I have only one…
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The Horse Thieves

By John W Prince He stood there, leaning heavily on the rusty bicycle, pointing west on the eastbound road toward Russia; rags wrapped around the wheels of the contraption where rubber tubes and tires should be; ragged, dirty, hungry and exhausted; outside the broken fence of their burned-out farmhouse. “Guten…
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