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Wraiths in the Cloisters

 Author: John W Prince  Category: Horror, Short Stories  Publisher: Hallard Press LLC  Published: August 7, 2018  ISBN: 978-1724629555  Download

A man learns to levitate – or fly! But then what? Does he need a whole new set of friends? His mother was his protector and best friend. Now that his mother is dead, who’s going to protect him from the Evil Resident in his head? Jimmy Collins was his father. Always talking. Always being in the forefront. Now Jimmy is dead, and the wake is over, and the headaches have begun. And the beer is tasting strange. When Hilldog finds an old bicycle that can speak, his life takes on new meaning. Then he’s forced to tell a long fairy tale that includes a “Happily Ever After” ending. He knew the two women waiting for an Uber, sheltering from the rain. Names, jobs, boyfriends and everything. He also knew the enemy soldiers were waiting for him up on the Highline. Heaven is, well, heaven. And eternity is a very long time. Hopefully, not too long. But then, who knows? The sisters grew up and grew old together. They were the only ones left. Then one night, unexpectedly, they came to know each other. They followed him all of this life, never quite catching up. Now they’re here. So, what happens when your worst fears finally walk in the door?


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