I loved the book. While it appears to be a well-crafted story for the younger set – and it is – it also provides a beloved dog’s perspective – and makes the flight of fancy wholly believable.

Michael Ranville

The book was definitely entertaining and on a level that will keep young readers engaged.

Karen Lee

Luna, A Dog Named After the Moon

Luna, a talking puppy with a positive attitude, deals with being adopted, fears, boredom, and a bothersome cat. When trouble happens Luna uses her animal instincts to help.

Have you ever thought a dog was talking to you? Luna is the lovable puppy who does just that. When adopted by a family in a hectic Hollywood household, she seeks to achieve her own fame and purpose. As Luna tells of her experiences, we see an appreciation for the important things in life.

Parents and grandparents reading the story to children may find conversation starters in the life lessons Luna learns. The puppy’s sense of humor and a balance of humility and ego will bring a chuckle to adults.

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