Richard “Dick” Stoebel is a former colleague of mine from his final years at Pratt & Whitney. He was a consummate professional and a great engineer. This story centers around his life and times growing up, getting married, raising a family, and all the ancillary trials and tribulations that go along with it. Dick’s story is what the American dream is all about. A great read!


I’m Almost History

Dick Stoebel grew up inside the American Dream.

From a mid-century middle-class family in small town Massachusetts, he worked his way into a 45-year career with a Fortune 100 company, married (and twice remarried) Brenda, the girl of his dreams. Their two accomplished children achieved national recognition in their teens.

But there were also times of great sadness and uncertainty, turmoil and disappointment. Sometimes there were nagging problems with work, neighbors and family as the American Dream is, unfortunately, not always about the good times and successes.

I’m Almost History artfully chronicles life of an American Dream family from the 1940s to the present day, showing how the Stoebels were at the same time innocent and joyful, awkward and vulnerable. Just like all of us!

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