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Yesterday was BookExpo2023. It was a roaring success by everyone’s standards.

Several thousand people came to see the 100 exhibitors. There were publishers, children’s books, thrillers, spiritual books, memoirs, political books, and car books, just to name a few.

Twelve of our authors were there.

Barbara Rein

 I asked Barbara Rein how many books she sold and she answered, “I lost count.”

Keith WilsonKeith Wilson had to ask for reinforcements. He needed more books delivered to his table.

Jim Bucko

Jim Bucko was seated in the corner with a black top hat and a model of a brain on his table. He was surrounded by inquisitive minds.

Manijeh Badiozamani

Manijeh Badiozamani enjoyed sharing her life in Tehran and her year as an exchange student in Ohio.

Rise and Shine by Ann Marie Acacio

Ann Dobkin

Ann Marie Acacio and Anne Lauren were talking with spiritual seekers.

Marcus & Geri Polk

Marcus and Geri Polk had two young adult books and a teacher guide that interested the local educators.

Barbara Welsh

Barbara Welsh was smiling as she shared her book of poetry and talked about her upcoming book “Sell Yourself a Smile!!!”

Life After Trump

Marsha Shearer was having political conversations about her books.

Five happy hikers

Cleo Simon and the other Happy Hikers, dressed in their pink hats and matching shirts, talked about their yearly hikes all over the country.

Stoebel Deuce Coupe

Dick Stoebel took a break from polishing his deuce coupe to share his love of cars with others.

All in all, it was a wonderful day.

9 thoughts on “BookExpo2023”

  1. Nancy, so good to see you there! You are exactly right—it was a great EXPO. All that pent-up energy burst through after the 2 year COVID hiatus. Sold a bunch of books, but the best parts were the contacts and conversations. I enjoyed every minute.

  2. This was my first Book Expo. It was a fun and exhausting experience. I met a lot of interesting people and the authors that surrounded me were delightful. Thank you Hallard Press for your support and guidance.

  3. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it, but the success of my fellow authors gives me satisfaction. I can see Hallard Press is the one to go to for a successful book.

  4. It was a wonderful way to reintroduce BookExpo after our Covid hiatus. I’m thrilled that all of the publicity outreach resulted in such phenomenal attendance. Conservative crowd estimate, based on criteria used by the Recreation department, was between 3,000 to 3,400 people! Our best Expo attendance to date.

  5. Ann Marie Acacio

    I thoroughly enjoyed my first Expo experience and am already eager for next year’s Expo…hopefully with a new book! Thanks for including the picture of my book cover in this email, Nancy. John Prince was definitely missed. Congrats to all the other exhibitors, as well. I am happy to have sold several books, yet it was the quality of the attendees that was more appreciated! The best was being invited to speak for a local group! Kudos to the Expo staff…well done!

  6. I filled my bookbag with future great reads and got talking to a lot of interesting people. It was a great EXPO.

  7. Great event, filled with enthusiasm and SUCCESS! I visited this year and was pleased to see so many favorite Village authors and producers like Hallard Press. Very well publicized and organized. Well done!

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