Bernie Meme

Innovative Ways to Market Your Book

Imagine Senator Bernie Sanders, in his trademark inaugural mittens, marketing your book!

Marsha Shearer and Barry Robbins have done it!

In a video just released they superimpose Bernie (looking dour in his coat and mitts) in various locations while they promote their latest books, Life After Trump and Oh, Daddy Chronicles. Then they invite people to come to a book signing at Laurel Manor Rec Center in The Villages on November 14, 2021.

Social distancing? Not a problem—the event is outdoors at the picnic table area.

Some critics may say the video is too long, and the dancing gorilla? Where did that come from? Marsha says, “How can you not smile while watching that part?” Then she leaves the viewer with a half a promise: “You never know who will turn up” at the event.

Even though the weekend was cold, it’s still a bit warm in Florida for Bernie Sanders in his Vermont mittens.

Click to watch.

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