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False Flag

False Flag: One Hundred Years of Deception by Jay Barrett

The only sound in Havana Harbor the night of February 15, 1898, were whining generators aboard the U.S.S. Maine. At 21:40 hours, a double explosion ripped her apart, sending her to the bottom with 260 of her 355-man crew. Soon after, Congress approved war with Spain.

Now, 76 years later, Admiral Hyman Rickover opens a new investigation into the sinking of the Maine. While pretending to cooperate, the National Security Agency secretly seeks to find and destroy the diary that would expose truth about what happened that night: a diary written onboard the Maine the day it was destroyed. 
What’s that got to do with Tony April? Cruising down a four-lane highway, in his black Mustang Mach I, he receives a phone call putting him on a dark road with the National Security Agency. Soon he’s in deep, searching for the lost diary wanted by NSA, a beautiful woman, and nefarious others. It all leads to a 16th century map, the diary of a dead man, and the curse of Atahualpa, murdered leader of the Incas.

Travel with Tony April as he ventures into a world of espionage only you can enjoy. Tony’s too busy fighting the bad guys. 

About Jay Barrett

A native of Lawrence, MA, Jay Barrett attended the US Naval Academy and received a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He worked for General Dynamics as a flight test engineer on intercept and guidance systems for fighter jets in the US and Europe. Subsequent to this he worked at AVCO as a project engineer in the development of ballistic missiles. Jay’s interests and accomplishments are many and include becoming a championship squash player in the US and Europe. His love of the sea led him SCUBA diving, searching for shipwrecks in New England and the Great Lakes. The father of five, Jay now lives in Central Florida. False Flag is his first book, with a second one close to completion.


If you like intrigue, and what’s going to happen next, this book is for you., AND if you read Baldacci, and/or Grisham
you MUST buy this book (or get via KINDLE). You won’t be disappointed.

I purchased the book and although only halfway through, I had to write how good a read this book is.
I hope this author will write another novel soon.


A quick read sprinkled with interesting historical facts. Enjoyed the book. –Lew


This novel is about the various factions seeking to discover or hide the facts about who blew up the S.S. Maine (the backdrop being H. Rickover’s investigation of who and how the S.S. Maine was blown up). It is a combination of dangerous situations, great adventures and romantic interests. It also reminds those in powerful governmental positions to be careful and circumspect about what is the true nature of public incidents. I recommend this novel to be a “must read” for everyone. –Charles Schlesinger


I had never heard the term “false flag” before. This book showcases one, the sinking of the USS Maine, and refers to others. Now, I’ll question every international incident and wonder if it is a false flag.
Besides opening my eyes, I enjoyed the book – action, love interest, and even a dog! –nhelleks


I liked this book very much. One of the reasons is that it was based on facts and was an excellent and interesting history lesson. The characters were well developed and the story line was intriguing. I couldn’t imagine how this great story could end up with a happy ending but the author managed to pull it off. I read the book in one sitting because It was very difficult to put down. I’m looking forward to the next book. –Larry M.


From action and adventure, to mystery and romance – this novel has it all! I felt like I was with the characters through the whole journey; whether they were in the North End, or on the expedition through Ecuador. A great page turner and story! –Carrie H.


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