An Alphabetic Album of Animals

By Alvin Stenzel

In the comments about Steven LeShay’s recent (June 8) Friday’s Breakfast Serial “In an Asylum,” he mentioned my “M” piece that was also published in Breakfast Serial on April 7.  I thanked him for the recognition and mentioned my animal poems.  He wrote back that he would like to see another example of an animal poem in a future Breakfast Serial.

 The back story is that in December 2021, I was feeling rather “down,” and wondered if I needed to spend my emotional energies on writing something “fun.” I remembered the challenge of the “M” piece mentioned above, and thought about trying another.  I decided to write a poem about animals beginning with the letter “A” but every word in the poem also had to begin with the letter “A.” 

 It was so much fun, I decided to write 26 poems, one for animals beginning with every letter of the alphabet.  The trick became that rather than every poem sounding like my own style, I would base each poem on the rhyme and meter of a famous poem.  The reader then had the challenge of guessing what poem was the source.  Some were incredibly easy, but some a bit harder. Note: I started out by identifying 846 animals.  I used 424 in the poems.

 Since they’re short, I’ll give you an easy one and a more difficult one.  The collection is now in full book form with pictures of many of the animals.  Anyone who would like a digital copy, write to me at amslipf@aol.com


An Alphabetic Album of Animals – C


Away in a safe place, no dangers to fear
The animals there gathered, we’ll find them right here.
The Cow and the Camel were waiting that night.
The Cougar and Coyote appeared as their right.


While up above Cockatoo and Cooper’s Hawk
Looked down on Collie and Cairn Terrier’s brisk walk.
Caterpillars and Centipedes tried to move faster 
But a race with the Cheetah was a total disaster.

Chickens and Chipmunks decided to join in 
Cuttlefish and Clownfish came along using fins.
Caimans and Chameleons wanted to be there
Cats and Chihuahuas certainly we see there.


Crabs and a Catfish, their journey now ended
Joined Crested Penguin who gladly attended.
All that was left was the Chimpanzee
Now all had arrived so that Christmas could be.



An Alphabetic Album of Animals – T

‘Twas morning and the slimy Toads
Did hide from Turtles ‘cross the road.
Tree Frogs looked down from above
A place that Triggerfish can’t love.

Terns flew high across the sky
While Ticks’ mad search made children cry.
A Titmouse ran between the trees
A Tortoise crawled on bended knees.

Toucans stroked their gorgeous feathers
While Turkeys hoped for better weather.
There were no Triceratops in sight
No Tyrannosaurus inspired fright.


Turtle Doves help to keep all calm
Trumpeter Swans were quite a balm.
Tuna swam beneath the waves
While Tarpon sought underwater caves.


They shared the sea with many Trout
Where no Tarantulas hung out.
A Tiger strode across the land
Tasmanian Devils turned and ran.

What a marvelous sight to see

The animals that begin with T.

Alvin Stenzel

Alvin Stenzel is a writer (and a CPA) who has had three books published and has written many articles, poems and (hopefully soon) song lyrics.  All his writings are intended to be motivational.  His latest book is a novel called The Crystal Pond.  It is about the incredible power of imagination held by women and their power to create whatever they want in life.  It was written a long time ago for an eleven year old young lady who eventually became his stepdaughter.

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  1. Alvin! You’re such a bright light and so creative. Your writings always bring joy and fun! Thanks for writing and sharing!

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