Reading Ms. Kingsley’s book was like going on a roller coaster ride down into a dark night, soaring to shining daybreak and settling into a nice coast at the end.
Ethel Lee-Miller

Denise’s resilience knows no bounds, how she relates her trust that all is unfolding just as it should…..a brilliant non-fiction …..
Delores Post

Warm-hearted, straightforward, and unafraid, Amor Fati is the autobiography of Denise Noella Kingsley, who learned to love her fate and through a life well-lived has inspired others to do the same.

In this timeless memoir, Kingsley shares the true story of her years in Hotel Dieu (God’s Hotel) among the Grey Sisters in Quebec, Canada, and her unusual journey from abandoned orphan in the 1950’s to fulfilled American woman – as the mother of inter-racial children in the tumultuous 1960’s, independent woman in the 1970’s, career successes and challenges in the 80’s and 90’s and happy retiree today.

Kingsley’s compelling first-person account of how she went from orphan to administrative expert offers a fascinating view of what it takes to change the course of one’s life, and the need to continue to love one’s fate in the face of adversity.

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